Digital excitation regulator for synchronous motor ANIKRON TM-03 (for static excitation system) is intended to provide power for the excitation winding and automatic control of the excitation currents during startup, synchronous operation and emergency mides of synchronous motors. ANIKRON TM-03 excitation system provides excitation nominal current up to 320 A for the field coils of synchronous motors at voltage up to 300 V.

Main characteristics:
· Controlled thyristor rectifier designed to operate both in bridge and neutral rectification modes with automatic switch between them depending on the required excitation currents
· Complex programmed control algorithm allowing to maintain excitation control by stator voltage, rotor current, total and reactive current of the stator with the automatic selection at any moment of operation an optimum combination of them
· Three channels of current loop 4-20mA allows to transfer the excitation and motor operation data to the Automatic Control System of the higher level
· Fully identical, interchangeable, galvanically decoupled main and backup excitation control units each provided with its own set of power supply units, pickups, and actuation circuits with automatic immediate switch from main to backup unit
· Reactive current control according to the set value and managing of reactive current production or consumption
· Wide range of protection algorithms
· Immediate field suppression after the motor is disabled by forcing the thyristor rectifier to the inverter mode
· Testing (pre-startup) mode that enables to observe the main parameters of the motor and the excitation system
· Wide range of climatic versions and degrees of protection of cabinet assembling
· Rated operation period - 15 years
· Events log capacity no less than 1000 events
· Oscilloscope capacity no less than 100 oscillograms

Nominal excitation current   А 50-320  
Nominal excitation voltage V 20-230  
Resistance of starting resistor Om 0,6  
Field-forcing to current ratio, at least r.u. 1,4..1,8  
Current consumption in chains ~220V AC, no more than А 0,5  
Current consumption in chains =220V AC, no more than А 0,5  
Stator current and voltage consumption in measuring chains  W 2  
Maximum current for output signal chains  А 5 With resistive load switching
Accuracy of reactive current, at least   Аr 1  
Test voltage of control insulation of rotor circuits V 310 Direct voltage
Operation period years 15  
Weight kg 205   
Overall height mm 1935  
Overall width mm 606  
Overall depth mm 652