Project department meets the industry challenge with own laboratory, which is certified by the ”ROSTEKHNADZOR” and  operating in CIS countries since October 2011

The laboratory is equipped with the most modern certified equipment that can be used to perform works of any complexity such as:
- Testing electric equipment and facilities including electric safety, grounding, isolating and high voltage testing up to 90 kilovolts;   
 - Servicing of indoor switchgears, motor control centers, package transformer substations, relay protection and automatic control;
-   Carrying out design and survey works and energy audit;        
 - Installing electric equipment.  

Apart from standard services test procedures the company accomplishes some specific measurements including:
- Thermovision inspection;
- Metal-on-metal connection measurements with the current up to 600 A;
- Detecting the location and burial depth of underground utility lines;  
-Fluid flow measurements with a portable ultrasound  flow meter;  
-Laboratory analysis (electric and chemical) of transformer oil;   
 - Testing automatic switches and  releasers with the current up to 20 kA;
- Measurement of mechanical characteristics of high-voltage switches. 

As a part of the energy survey our laboratory provides:

  • Energy audit of a facility’s current status;
  • Issuing Energy Performance Certificate;
  • Issuing the list of energy-efficiency measures;

Developing the concepts of technical and financial solutions  including the performance targets and deadlines and describe the economic effect of the implementation