AC power and three-phase voltage source TRITON-6

TRITON-6 is a portable device in a shockproof plastic case made in such a way to prevent moisture and dust to get into the case during transportation. The low weight and size and user-friendly interface make it comfortable to use.The generator imitates the outcome signals of standard measuring transformers of 100 V and 5 A.

One can use TRITON-6 for:

  • Measuring and testing of current, voltage, frequency and power relays;
  • Slave-relay action tests with rated voltage in the coil (winding) up to 130 V AC ;
  • Testing of thermal relays and thermal protection with pull-in current less than 10 А;
  • Customizing of industrial automation systems, automated process control systems, data acquisition and processing units;
  • Testing of indirect connection electric meters, signal and indication systems working with alternating current like blinkers and indicator lamps

Technical characteristics:

Source of sinusoidal voltage  Three sources, imitating the signal of standard measuring transformers of А, В, С phases with constant phase angle between the phases.
Source of sinusoidal current One source, imitating the signal of a standard measuring transformer of А phase
Effective value of the given line voltage in a three-phase system 0 .. 127 V, with 1 V step, that correlates with three-phase voltage of 0 .. 73 V
Guaranteed accuracy of phase voltage setting and confinement 1 % for 10 .. 73 V range
Effective single-phase current being set 0 .. 9,9 А with 0,1 А step
Guaranteed accuracy of effective current setting and confinement 1 % for 1 .. 9,9 А range
Setting range for angle φ (the phase angle between A-phase current being generated and A-phase voltage)  +180° .. −180° with 1°-step
Frequency range (when frequencies of all voltages and currents change simultaneously) 20 Hz .. 65 Hz with 0,1 Hz step
Guaranteed accuracy of signal frequency setting and holding ±0,01 Hz
Power supply 220 V AC (± 20 %), 50 Hz (± 2 %)
Overall size 400х350х180
Weight 5,5 kg