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Since the 7th of November 2013 DIGITAL EXCITATION REGULATORS FOR SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR ANIKRON TM-03 and ANIKRON TM-03 B designed by RPA Digital regulators, LLC are bearing the CE Marking

According to the technical files, 4 models of the digital excitation regulators for synchronous motors: ANIKRON TM-03 IP 20, ANIKRON TM-03 IP 54, ANIKRON TM-03 B IP 20 and ANIKRON TM-03 B IP 54 have proven compliance to IEC/EN 61439-1:2011, IEC/EN 61439-2:2011 standarts, meet the requirements of the Low voltage Derective 2006/95/EC and after all the necessary examination and testing bear the CE Marking.

All the necessary information can be found on the certificates below:



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