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"Digital Regulators" took part in the 56th International technical fair "SAJAM TEHNIKE" (UFI) which took place in Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia, on 14 - 18 May, 2012.

The International Technical Fair "SAJAM TEHNIKE" (UFI) is an important event in Serbia and South-Eastern Europe which has a great influence on the development of the industry in this country and region. 1500 exhibitors from 23 countries of the world took part in the fair.

The most recent developments of technology and innovative developments, designs, items and industrial models and patterns of equipment were exhibited at the fair. The presentations of national economies of many countries and regions were made as well as the meetings of experts, reports and round tables on different scientific topics. Besides, business meetings of the exhibitors and visitors of the fair were arranged which resulted in business contacts and permitted to evaluate the possibility of further mutually advantageous cooperating.

"Digital Regulators" successfully made the presentation of the digital regulator "ANIKRON TM-03". The new development of the company - «ANIKRON TM-03» - which is being widely introduced on the Russian Market, attracted attention of the representatives of Serbian industrial enterprises and engineering companies. The exposition of RPA "Digital Regulators"  was visited by the representatives of Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

According to the results of the fair, "Digital Regulators" was awarded the title of the laureate of Grand-Prix "STEP IN FUTURE"
and the production of the company - digital regulator "ANIKRON TM-03" - was rewarded and given a diploma "STEP IN FUTURE" for the high technical and technological achievements in the sphere of electric power industry.

The reward "STEP IN FUTURE" is given to the exhibitors of "SAJAM TEHNIKE" (UFI) for application in their products the most successful technical solutions from the point of view of the judges.




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