February 25, 2015 RPA Digital regulators along specialized workshop in city Sofia, Bulgaria discussed how retrofit projects successfully meet industrial challenges on Bulgarian market.

ANIKRON products integration in energetics retrofit projects of ELIA AD partner company was key topic shown to industrial experts. Synchronous motor expertise was proven with references from major industrial branches and shown capability to generate new industrial approaches. Fundamental changes among heavy-load synchro drive operability which bring break-through technologies was focus message of meeting with Bulgarian industry leaders, comparing how can they meet business objectives with ANIKRON solutions aside from old-fashioned thyristor exciter cubicles.
Industrial visitors were given comprehensive showcases of project deployment to guarantee optimum gains and ensure energy-saving measures and cost-efficiency from ANIKRON implementation.
RPA Digital regulators in cooperation with ELIA AD presented wide range of sustainable services for European production units that operate synchronous motors and shown current turnkey solutions in Bulgaria.
Dedicated reliability and equipment durability of represented on workshop ANIKRON TM-03 unit was checked for any obvious malfunctions by visitors’ technical teams, who have long experience in operating analogue or automated thyristor excitation systems on own facilities.